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How to Guarantee Killer Listing Photos

If you've been in real estate for five minutes you know that listing photos can really make or break a sale. 85% of homebuyers say they rely on photos to help make their decision on whether to buy the property or not. Professionally photograph homes tend to sell quicker and nearly 47% higher than those with poor or amateur photographs.

Bad photo of houseGood photo of house

(I love showing the difference in these two houses that are the same obviously, but photographed very differently.)

We are a visual society. With the invention of Pinterest and Instagram, photos and images are really where it's at so if you're not having professional photos taken of your listing you should probably stop reading right now. Any agent that takes photos with their cell phone, regardless of how good it is, really can't showcase the best possible lighting and ambiance of a room. Granted, if this is your profession, maybe you can manipulate your iPhone or Android to take awesome photos, but if not, having a professional photographer can really make a huge difference. Here are some basic tips when staging your home for the listing photos.

Make sure all of the mirrors, floors, and any hard surfaces are completely cleaned off, spotless, and un-smudged.

Make sure that the furniture is sized correctly for each room. Oversized pieces can make a room look smaller or cramped.

Declutter all surfaces. If it's horizontal, clear it off and then just put two or three objects back on counters, dressers, and desktops at most.

Open the blinds and allow as much natural light to flow in as possible. The photographer may also choose a day that's overcast instead of bright and sunny to avoid shadows.

Be conscious of contrasting colors and objects. These can be too distracting but low contrast can seem boring. The key is to have the right amount of contrast from colors and shapes to sizes and designs.

Don't neglect the outside. Make sure the lawn, swimming pool, table settings, plants, and walkways are all clean, clear, and extremely inviting.

And again, get a professional photographer. Nothing beats beautiful, professional photographs of a home. Not only will your homeowner be grateful, but buyers will be more drawn to these stunning photographs and they want to see the home more. And… You never know what could increase the price simply because of a beautiful photograph

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How to Guarantee Killer Listing Photos
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