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Is Amazon Your Next Competition?

Is it true? Is Amazon getting into the real estate game? They're into everything else, it seems; clothing, household, even groceries. I mean, there's not much, I don't think, you can't buy on Amazon. And we love them for that, right? Sure, the small business down the street may be suffering but honestly, they can't stock 19,000 desk chairs or 500 pairs of boots. (Trust me, I do use my local vendors whenever possible) but the reality is, Amazon makes it possible to have just about anything at your doorstep in 48 hours or less.


But a real estate agent? Do I really want to go to them to buy a house?

Is this a reality yet? Maybe, maybe not, but over the Prime weekend, there was this little hidden link named "Hire a REALTOR®" (the term used without permission, mind you). Very few people noticed it, but the originator of that term certainly did. Although there was nothing on the page but a "coming soon" it quickly was pulled down. And other people noticed too, like the shareholders. The stock dropped nearly $2.00 a share when these reports surfaced.

Apparently, real estate agents and brokers aren't the only ones getting a little nervous about the prospect of the Internet Giant invading their turf.

This is a Seattle based company, which means it will be competing with its neighbors, Redfin and Zillow. Connecting agents with customers are the bread and butter of these companies. I'm not sure how they are going to react if Amazon decides to throw its hat into the ring.

But, for the time being, the term "REALTOR®" was used without permission and the whole thing was pulled. But for how long? I mean, come on, you know that ploy was just to wet our whistle (our meaning the public). How many loyal Prime fans would flock to that idea knowing their favorite online retailer can bring you toilet paper, organic quinoa and now a real estate agent!?

Alexa and real estateWhat about all of us? The real estate industry that has to pay to be a part of anything anymore? Is this just one more place we have to bid for? We don't want to miss these clients, do we? Yet, this industry is charging us right out of the business. How many more sites out there must we belong to in order to seem legit? 

But wait, is there more?

Is there? Is this just a way to connect an agent with a client? Or will they be dipping their toe into an actual MLS property feed? I wouldn't underestimate them. That's a huge and expensive project, but probably chump change to this Internet mogul.

It may have just been a fleeting glimpse on a page for 5 seconds on Prime day, but I don't think we've seen the last of Amazon Real Estate at all.

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Is it true? Is Amazon getting into the real estate game? They're into everything else, it seems; clothing, household, even groceries. I mean, there's not much, I don't think, you can't buy on Amazon. And we love them for that, right? Sure, the small… more
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