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Tips to Staging, Listing and Selling Your Home

So you need to sell your home. There really is no good or bad time to sell. If you must sell, you must. Simple as that. If you're looking at buying a new home in Columbus there are special loans, contingencies, and options for those that must sell before they buy or those that can handle both. A bridge loan is such a financing option for those that must buy before they can sell. Although it's not ideal, it is practical.

For starters, you will need to assess your current situation and find out what you must do in order to sell the home. No one wants to sit on the market any longer than he or she have to. This is not the type of market to "play the field" either. You must be serious about selling and want to go for it in order to make it happen. Because this is a buyers market, they buyers do tend to have the upper hand in negotiating but that doesn't have to be the case if you set yourself up for success. Before you even list you need to do these three things:

1. Know your competition.

If you don't' know your competition, how will know how to market your home? You must be aware of the similar properties for sale, what has sold, what's currently under contract and what makes their home different from yours. If you are the best home for the least price, you will sell; no questions about that.

2. Prepare the home

You must prepare the home to sell. In this market, you can't expect to get what you want for it if you don't offer the buyers something they can't get elsewhere. If you are a homeowner selling you will probably have the upper hand in staging since many homes are bank owned and on the verge of foreclosure or already in short sale mode. Many of these homes are distressed and in grave need of repair. This does not mean you should take the stance that "Well then, my home is already better than those". Because buyers that choose a seller occupied home expect much more than a foreclosure or short sale. They are typically aware of the repairs needed but with a seller owned home, they expect move-ready style and updated design. This is the time to go through and make sure everything that needs repair is taken care of. Update and refurbish old appliances, counter-tops, flooring, and walls. If you truly want what you're asking for the home, you must be serious about staging. If you are unsure of where to start, have a trusted friend or neighbor come and give you their opinion of the home or have your Florence Realtor offer advice.

3. Use a trusted and experienced agent or Realtor®

This is vital in this market. You must have someone that knows the market and the area to properly price and list your home. As Columbus Realtor, ® I know what's selling and who's buying. I can give you tips and information on how to stage and set up your home in such a way that buyers linger in the home and present offers. Don't do this alone. There are so many legal issues, contracts and vital documents that can be overwhelming without the help of a professional. Let me help make this transition smooth and easy.

Start Selling Today!

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