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What Change Does and How to Be Successful at It.

Change is everywhere. We have to be open to some type of change otherwise we are stagnant and unteachable. There are basic facts to changing as well and if you want to be successful, you have to learn to change and adapt without sacrificing or compromising your values and true self. So how do we do that? I recently read an article in Entrepreneur magazine that talked about change and the facts that surround positive change and how they are constant regardless of the change happening around you. Here's what I learned.

#1. Change is really about relationships and people. Technology may change and the way we communicate may change but people don't. People are still relational and it comes down to growing and evolving as people in relating to another person that really helps us be successful in whatever we do.

#2. Change takes time. Change might be quick but real transformation does take time. Whether it's a few weeks or a few years, change over time can lead to a successful business, partnership or relationship if we choose to change positively rather than negatively.

#3. Change creates a vision. The good word says that without a vision the people perish, and I think we have to have a common vision, whether that's in our business or in our relationships. If the family is moving together towards the right goal or vision, they tend to stick together and work together for the common goal creating the change that's beneficial for the entire family or company.

#4. Change involves compromise, but the right kind. You have to acknowledge the trade-offs that might come when change is inevitable. You might resources or take things away, put in more money or less money or plus things are just not working. It's okay to acknowledge the trade-off and sacrifice as long as it does not, at the expense of personal relationships and the end goal.

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#5. You have to be willing to work with people that have the "Want to". If you're not working with people that have the heart and drive in the mist to change and move forward, it's time to cut your losses. You can do so amicably but still professionally and aggressively.

#6. Never stop communicating. We have to communicate and the communicate again to make sure that our needs, wants, and goals are kept at the forefront of the vision. If you want change you have to communicate with everyone around you including an externally even the general public. By communicating and giving everyone a voice, everyone feels involved and has a sense of pride to the end result.

#7. Listen. This goes hand-in-hand with communication. If were not communicating and were not listening. Listening is just as important. If listening to the communication of others. It's not necessarily going along with what everybody else says that listening, validating and taking into consideration someone else's opinion and perspective.

#8. Empower the silent majority. This goes along with listening and communication. The squeaky wheel often gets the oil, but what about those that are not so squeaky? Those that just don't like speaking up but may have brilliant minds and excellent ideas? We have to listen to those that might fit in the background and encourage them to speak up, communicate and let their voice be heard. You never know when their idea might be the best one.

Change is inevitable. It is about the only consistent thing going on in the world. But I will say, that I don't feel our country has a strong vision right now and because of it we're fighting amongst ourselves and not to creating the change that we really want. We want positive growth, we want positive change, but we need to listen, and not just to the loudest voice, but to all voices and listen to the majority, not the loudest minority. Change can be good as long as it benefits the majority. I think it comes back to having an open heart and mind to those around us. It doesn't mean compromising our values or standards, but it does mean open up the dialogue between parties, coworkers, friends and all relationships.

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