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Will This Pandemic Impact Home Design Trends?

The last several months of stay at home orders issued by almost every state in the country have changed the way many of us live our daily lives. The effects of this pandemic will continue to change the way we do some things long after the virus is under control. As the number of days grow with people hanging out at home many analysts have been taking a look at what people are buying from their computers and what trends are being created. For example: bidet attachments are extremely popular right now.  

This pandemic has changed the way we clean and our daily habits and some experts are predicting a shift in what will be in high demand. One of the biggest shifts predicted is in homes: what people will want in a home and the design features that will spur trends.  

Here are some post pandemic hot home design trend predictions


Coming back home after being outside looks a little different with unknown germs hanging about. Now right as you walk in the door maybe you pay more attention to removing your shoes, placing your bag in a designated area, or even slathering on some hand sanitizer before entering back into your safe space.  

Having a mudroom to do this all in or at least a separate and designated entry space to hang jackets and tuck away shoes is going to rise in demand.  

Copper and Other Antimicrobial Materials 

Some materials have natural antimicrobial properties such as copper, brass, and bronze. These materials not only don’t let germs hang out and make a home they help to kill them, making surfaces made of these materials just a bit safer option. A rise in pure copper light fixtures, faucets, and brass cabinet pulls and doorknobs is predicted.  

Bidets Will This Pandemic Impact Home Design Trends?

With an already high rise in bidet attachment sales, the installation of actual bidet features is expected to take off. Toilets with built-in bidets are expected to catch a buyer’s attention in homes post-pandemic.  

Automatic Faucets 

We hear it all the time- WASH YOUR HANDS. Now that we wash so often we are paying more attention to our sinks and the surfaces that get touched before our hands are clean, like the faucet handles. Touch-free faucets that allow the water to come on by itself are expected to be in high demand as more of us look to create more hygienic homes that are easier to keep that way. No more dirtying up freshly washed hands or grabbing for a paper towel to turn off the water, it will turn itself off. 

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Home Offices 

Many, many jobs made the switch from in-office to telecommuting at home. Before the pandemic, a home office was a nice plus that sometimes turned into a catch-all for bills, tax records, and manuals. Now that jobs have gone online some of them may stay that way or give the option to be that way part-time. More people are looking to have a space designated to their careers right inside their homes. The demand for in-home office space is going to be much higher now.  

Air Purifiers 

Though there is no specific or solid evidence that air purifiers can capture COVID particles, studies have shown they do help to reduce flu and measles. As we spend more time in our homes many of us have begun to wonder about the air quality inside of them. The demand and interest of homes with upgraded filters in HVAC units and air purifiers is expected to  be much higher.  

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 Cork Flooring Materials 

Cork flooring is antimicrobial and water-resistant making a great product for homes wanting to remain cleaner and healthier. Cork also reduces noise, making it a plus for when everybody is hanging out at home together. Bonus: it is super comfy to walk across in bare or stocking feet.  

(It will make you want to take those shoes off at the door.)  

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