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The 5 Most Common Tasks to Do Before Listing Your House

While every home is different I feel I say these 5 things more than anything to those getting ready to list and sell. Each home will have it's own issues and quirks but these 5 seem to cover it all

#1. Clean. 

You have to clean like you've never cleaned before! Maybe get some professional help and have them keep up on it each week while the home is on the market. Clean behind things, pack things away and clean inside drawers, baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, the side of the fridge and front of cabinets. Clean where you've never cleaned before because I guarantee you buyers will look. 

#2. Paint

Nothing freshens up a home like a new coat of paint. Keep it neutral but that doesn't have to mean white. Beige, grey, tan, latte colored, all scream neutral enough for a new buyer to come in. Stay away from deep jeweled or bright colors. Consider painting the trim as well and maybe even the outside trim and front door.

#3. Repairs.

Those things that have been an eye-sore for years need to get taken care of now. Maybe you've become blind to these things. If so or you're not sure what needs to be done, have your agent or a trusted friend go through your house making notes on things that stand out. If there is a leaky faucet, creaky door, broken screen or door frame or hole in something, now's the time to fix it all.

#4. Landscaping.

Landscaping will stand out and be the first impression buyers have of your home. They will usually see this before the inside so make sure the landscaping and curb appeal draws them in further. Get it professionally done if necessary. Keep the lawn mowed, trimmed and trees and bushes pruned. Green up the grass with a dose of nitrogen and plant the same color of flowers in pots or around the house to offer a uniform look. Refresh the paint on the mailbox or retouch the house numbers and keep the sidewalks and stairs clean and clear. 

#5. Double Check Major Issues

This could be all over the board. Perhaps checking the integrity of the foundation, roof, major appliances or HVAC systems. Make sure things are clean and in good working order or you may need to replace them come inspection time. I'm not one to put a ton of money into a house if the buyer doesn't care but old or dilapidated items will need replacing. You might even consider a home inspection before listing to see what will need to be addressed. 

While every home is different these 5 things seem to be the most common issues for sellers to tend to first.

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