Columbus Ohio Real Estate Experts: Social Media Overload! Which One Should You Use?

Social Media Overload! Which One Should You Use?

It's everywhere and it's all the time. A recent news bit showed that the television program "Friends" is one of the top syndicated shows of all time and who's watching? 15-25 year olds. What do they love about it? That everyone can sit on a couch and no one has a device. That's astounding to me. That these kids are inundated with it day in and day out and what do they love? A show that have none of that. Yet, regardless, that's not going to happen again. Those days are gone. We are only going to get more and more tech savvy and those agents that don't use any may find their clients slowing dying out... literally. which social media to use

So how can we appeal to today's buyers and sellers but still not feel overwhelmed by the flood of social media outlets? 

First of all.... breathe. It's ok. It doesn't have to be confusing but you should take a little time and understand the social media world to some extent so you can reach these millennials that are buying and the up and comers in the next couple of decades. Things are changing way faster than we can keep up with so my advice to you is find your demographic and work it. You don't have to know every social media to compete but you should know at least one really well.

It's no secret that the older population over 55 are just not using the social media outlets as much as younger folk but when they do use SM, what is it they are using? It's Facebook. Facebook has become the new connection to their kids and their grand kids. They can keep up with their family but using it for business purposes is really not their cup of tea. They prefer old-school, face to face, phone to phone contact and would probably prefer to avoid all this technology altogether. (I'm not saying that's everyone but a recent graph in Business Insider shows this to be true)

What about those 45-54?

Facebook and LinkedIn are the biggest proponents. Again, for similar reasons as their older counterpart but LinkedIn also clears away a lot of the fluff. You usually won't see people posting what they had for dinner that night or how many steps they got in for the day. You'll find more business related topics, news, information that really matters and job resumes.

35-44 - The families, professionals - AKA (The one's the are buying right now)

These are the target market for many real estate agents today. This demographic is all over the board so it really depends on where you want to spend your time and money. FAcebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the top coming in pretty even with each other. Pinterest is a close second followed by Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr. Can you target this market in these places? Yes, but Facebook seems to be the one people focus on. 79% of people ages 30-49 are on Facebook. 76% of all users are female. 74% of Facebook users have some form of higher education. I'll let you deduce what these numbers mean to your business. 

50% of Twitter users visit or shop at the website of a small business they follow and 60% of users bought something because of something they saw on Twitter. Think that could work for you? Then use it.

25-34 - Almost Millennials, potential home buyers, first time buyers

social media for businessOf course as the ages get younger, the percentage of users over all go way up. The top social media for this demographic is Instagram. This is where many real estate agents are being told to market. Several are just sticking their toe in the water with Instagram but what better way to showcase the best images of a house, short video of a neighborhood or a great shot of a coffee shop in the neighborhood where you just listed a house? This demographic is all over the board but you have to understand the reason behind why they are using these. YouTube is for learning about a skill, a funny video or a TV clip they missed last night. Facebook is to keep up with grandma, Twitter is to voice your opinion quickly, Google + Is for more indepth conversations, controversial discussions or staying on top of what's trending in business. Pinterest is for creating that perfect wedding, fabulous dish or stylish apparel. And LinkedIn.... young professionals cruising for great jobs. 

Where do you want to sell? Who are you selling to? Find your market, advertise, use promoted pins, posts and updates to gain more readers and followers. 

The point? Find what works and work it! I've been working Facebook for years and have a great following. I get messages and lead each week because of the healthy following I have created. It's where the majority of my social media leads come from. If I spent as much time building up my brand on all the above social media accounts, I wouldn't have any other job, yet I do have several of these accounts and post to them. But it's Facebook that makes the most sense to my demographic and my target audience. 


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Comment balloon 3 commentsDonald Payne • March 30 2016 08:27AM


So good! I always struggle with where to post things and spend my marketing dollars or time. I live in a place with really young and the older generation so it's really split!

Posted by Tina D Saporito, Your Dedicated Palm Desert, CA Realtor Since 2005, Call (760)799-8460. (Ronald Christopher & Associates. Proudly serving Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indio, Rancho Mirage, & Palm Springs.) over 4 years ago

What an in-depth, well thought out post. What I try to encourage my fellow agents of on Facebook is - your peers are not your target LIKES on your Facebook Business page. They're not going to buy houses from you, stop asking us to LIKE your page. 

Wonderful post.

Posted by Mimi Foster, Voted Colorado Springs Best Realtor (Falcon Property Solutions) over 4 years ago

Mimi, I agree wholeheartly

Posted by Donald Payne, What's your Vision.. (Vision Realty) over 4 years ago